Export individual pages as PDF not MHT


I love the way this replicates the structure of the OneNote notebook. However can we have an option to instead of exporting each page as a MHT export each page as a PDF. This would make it work in Firefox and other browsers. It still would not be optimal (for example export standard HTML pages) but it would be better than nothing.
Because OneNote can export PDFs, this should be fairly easy.
PS: Unrelated item: Can the exported PDFs of entire Notebooks please try to replicate the Notebook's structure as TOC/bookmarks in PDFs.


chinhdo wrote Jan 21, 2010 at 3:51 PM

I was also looking for this functionality because I need a way for Google Desktop Search to index my OneNote notebooks. I was able to get the app to export to PDFs by adding a couple of lines to the ONWebExport class and recompile it in Visual Studio:

m_OnApp.Publish(strPageID, strAbsFileName, OneNote.PublishFormat.pfMHTML, "");

// Also export to PDF
string pdfFileName = strAbsFileName + ".pdf";
m_OnApp.Publish(strPageID, pdfFileName, OneNote.PublishFormat.pfPDF, "");
catch (Exception e)
LogError("Failed to export page " + strPageName + " to " + strAbsFileName +": " + e.Message);
bExportSuccess = false;

wrote Feb 14, 2013 at 7:44 PM