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Maintain a regularly updated web view of a notebook

This page covers how to automatically maintain a browser viewable copy of a OneNote notebook.

Pick a notebook


Check off "Export this notebook daily"


Set the daily export time
  • The export operation will run everyday at this time
  • For additional scheduling options, edit the task directly in Windows Task Scheduler

(Optional) Enable Logging
  • This causes each export operation to write its results to the specified log file
  • If the file doesn't exist, the exporter will create the file. Otherwise it will append to the existing log.

Set the save target
  • The web exporter will generate an html file and a "_onefiles" folder next to it
  • You can put in a URL to a...
    • SharePoint Document Library (eg. http://mysharepointserver/mysite/mydoclib/webview.html)
    • Network Share (eg. \\myserver\myshare\webview.html)
    • Local drive (eg. C:\myfolder\webview.html)
  • This defaults to inside the notebook's folder

Click "Export"

  • This will cause the exporter to schedule a notebook export with Windows Task Scheduler
  • If the scheduling succeeded, you will have the option to run the task now or close the exporter

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ep3681 Oct 11, 2010 at 2:53 PM 
If I done one time an export of a notebook, I can not export other notebooks, I get always the message "Failed to scheduled task "Export Notebook-..." Exit Code 1. Check If the task already exists in the task scheduler.
But I can not find an entry in windows task scheduler (>control panel > scheduled tasks), how I can reset or find the entry?

davekolb Jul 9, 2007 at 4:14 PM 
Would also be nice if the web folder could be exported to the PPC at sync time if the OneNote files changed. That is assuming the pocket browser can display the files. A PPC formatted web page set would also be especially nice. Dave